Author Chris Weedin has accepted an offer from A Ferris Wheel Films to option the movie rights for his book Midnight Snack (Graveyard Shift: the Adventures of Carson Dudley, Book 1). The film production company, located in London, England, has stated its intention to produce a feature length film adaptation of Midnight Snack and plans to approach major film studios with the project. They have further announced plans for this to be the first in a film trilogy.

Weedin has also accepted a separate offer to write the movie treatment for the book. The two parties are discussing the possibility that Weedin will continue on to write the script as well. The treatment is currently underway and both parties expect it will be completed by July of this year.

Themed as a vampire-horror-comedy, Midnight Snack is the story of a group of oddball vampire hunters who face off against a seductive vampiress in the fictional town of Las Calamas, CA. The plot centers around a mini-mart which the vampiress has chosen as her hunting grounds. The action in the book is fast-paced and tongue-in-cheek, elements which both Weedin and A Ferris Wheel Films have promised will be carried through to the movie. The book was released in 2009.

Weedin previously announced that a second book in his Graveyard Shift: the Adventures of Carson Dudley series will be forthcoming in 2011. The book will be titled Another Rotten Night and continues the adventures of the main characters from the first book as they battle the forces of supernatural in the fictional town of Las Calamas. He plans to write seven books for the series. The books are based on Weedin’s popular horror-comedy roleplaying game Horror Rules, a send-up of b-movie horror films.

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