BackteriaIn 2008, Gauntlet Press published Matheson Uncollected: Volume One, followed by Volume Two in 2010, both as signed limited editions. This winter, they’re bringing you Matheson Uncollected: Backteria And Other Improbable Tales, a trade paperback which will include all of the short stories found in the signed limited editions. Additionally, you’ll find in this version:

  • The short story “Backteria,” which has only appeared previously as an ebook
  • Two additional stories that have never seen print in any form. One is a story Matheson recently found among the many cabinets of his material.

Table Of Contents

  • Backteria (Previously Unpublished)
  • He Wanted To Live
  • Life Size Man
  • With a Club
  • Professor Fritz and the Runaway House
  • Purge Among Peanuts
  • The Prisoner – yes
  • The Last Blah in the ETC
  • Counterfeit Bills
  • 1984 ½
  • Pride
  • Now Die In It
  • Leo Rising
  • Where There’s a Will (with Richard Christian Matheson)
  • Getting Together
  • Person to Person
  • CU: Mannix
  • Haircut
  • An Element Never Forgets
  • A Murder Story Told In Two Hundred Clichés
  • (Previously Unpublished)
  • My Conversation with Superman (Previously Unpublished)

The trade paperback edition is set to be published Winter 2012.

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