Marrowbones, by Eric Orchard, is published by digital only imprint, Springwinder. It’s 47 pages and costs 2 dollars. It’s a childrens horror story, abut a girl working at a very haunted inn.

Marrowbones Swamp is a small pocket world within your own. It is well hidden and the exact properties of this world are mysterious. Even it’s exact dimension change radically over time, ebbing and waning. Marrowbones roves around eastern North America; upstate New York, Maine, Ontario and other eastern provinces. Some of the structures in marrowbones are European so it is believed that it was once situated in Europe. There is also a working lampost from New Orleans, a hut from Central Africa and a small Russian church. There are other worlds hidden in marrowbones, worlds within worlds within worlds. So it is important to stay on the path and ignore those beckoning lights you see in the distance.

Check it out: Marrowbones

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