“All work and no play makes me want to bake. And patterned roll cakes are one of my favorite ways to serve cake!

If you’ve watched some of my previous videos, my recipe for this REDRUM Roll Cake inspired by The Shining is very similar to my Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Cake. And yes, the filling is actually spiked with Deadhead Dark Chocolate Rum!

Don’t be intimidated by the design – you just need a little patience. If you can trace a picture, you can make this cake! So get your supplies ready, and come bake with me…forever and ever!

To get this full recipe and printable template (plus other ghoulishly good horror-themed recipes), check out my website, http://www.TheHomicidalHomemaker.com!

PLEASE NOTE: These recipes and/or video may not be re-purposed, modified, or redistributed without written permission.”

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