This December, as part of their ongoing “Listen To Win” prize giveaway, Macabre Mansion will be giving away an autographed copy of Jim O’Rear’s new book Tennessee Ghosts. Listen to Macabre Mansion all month long for a chance to win this fantastic new book signed by it’s author Jim O’Rear.

Written by horror actor, stuntman, writer Jim O’Rear, Tennessee Ghosts will be available for purchase November 28th.

“Take a spooky and often humorous trip into Tennessee’s bloody and violent haunted history, from Civil War skirmishes to entertainment-industry tragedies. Through tales of spectral encounters, meet the Bell Witch (the only ghost to kill a living human being), Old Green Eyes (a mysterious demon in the woods), “Bob” (a nuisance Rebel soldier), and Little Timmy (an attention-seeking shadow). The book features over 60 photos and illustrations that bring more than 25 stories to life.”

Macabre Mansion® is an Internet Radio Station broadcasting horror, suspense and sci-fi radio programming from the 1940’s through today. Dark tales with a bizarre or supernatural twist are sure to captivate your attention and leave you wanting more. So turn down the lights and tune in to Macabre Mansion® for some spine-tingling tales of the strange and unusual.

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