Author Travis Besecker offers a no holds barred look into the private confessions of a man on the precipice of a mental breakdown in his new thriller, Lost in Infinity (424 pp., tpb, $16.95). The recurring theme of deja vu leads the reader through the story giving glimpses of a dark past while offering anecdotes that will relate to every reader. Mixing in humor and satire with the tragedy of a childhood spent under the microscope of therapists keeps the mood light as he digs deeper into his past looking for the root of his problems.

The author pulls back the curtain and reveals the dark inner workings of his mind as he fears his slow deliberate path toward schizophrenia. Mathematics, religion, time travel and the butterfly effect plague his mind as he explains his intimate relationship with the unanswered questions about our existence. The author touches on suicide, stress, parenthood, relationships and careers to keep his audience hooked as they wait for the ultimate reveal.

Influenced by Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick and Chuck Palahniuk, Lost in Infinity provides an intimate look into the mind of a broken man as he looks for the answer to the question, “what is the meaning of life?”

Travis Besecker is an active industrial designer, comedy writer and online personality. Using his chronic insomnia as an inspirational tool, he found early success in social media and print. Although he gained notoriety with his humor, he has confessed his preference for the dark nature of horror and suspense. In 2011 he broke the silence on his lifelong struggle with apeirophobia and began work on his first novel. Travis is currently working on his second novel, a horror fantasy taking place during the zombie apocalypse titled Harnessing the Spark.

You can pick up his current novel on Amazon here: Lost in Infinity

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