Bram Stoker Award winning author, David B. Silva, has released a new short story collection on the Kindle titled Losing Touch for only $2.99.

“This collection is actually based on a collection I did for Borderland Press in 2005 called A Little White Book of Lies,” says Silva. “Unfortunately, two of the stories also appear in Through Shattered Glass. Since I didn’t want to duplicate stories, I pulled out ‘Brothers’ and ‘The Hollow’ and added ‘And He Who Mourns,’ ‘New To The Neighborhood,’ ‘Through Desmond’s Eyes,’ and ‘Trouble Follows.’ The original theme of lies doesn’t cross every story, however, the theme of losing touch comes fairly close.”

The full table of contents (adding up to 155 pages):

  • Introduction – Part One
  • Introduction – Part Two
  • And He Who Mourns
  • New To The Neighborhood
  • Never Far From Mind
  • Fade In/Fade Out
  • Through Desmond’s Eyes
  • Trouble Follows
  • Where The Past Lay Buried

You can pick it up on the Kindle and start reading almost immediately here: Losing Touch

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