There are approximately 30 million surveillance cameras in the United States capturing covert images of average Americans as much as 200 times a day. As they watch in department stores, gas stations, changing rooms and public bathrooms, seemingly no one, nowhere are free from the vigilance of the hidden camera. The award-winning film Look, takes you into this exposed environment through several interlacing storylines that are expanded over the course of a week in a random city — with all action experienced through the dispassionate eyes of security cameras.

Many films have tried to reproduce the freaky, claustrophobic vibe (a la 1984) of a watchful society. Look gets it right. Writer/director Adam Rifkin shows uncanny skill at creating a new world inside our dirty little real world. Secret liaisons, scary killers, seductive teens, slacker workers – the root of all conspiracy isn’t who or what lies unseen behind the lens, but what is seen through it.

Rifkin balances intertwined plots with humor and horror, skillfully reining it in when it threatens to go too far. He also benefits from a superb ensemble cast that keeps it “real.” The voyeurism is so overpowering that you may forget there are others in the theater, so watch what you do with your hands.

Theatrical Release Dates: December 14, 2007 starting in New York, Chicago & Los Angeles, expanding January 2008. Rating: TBD. Running Time: 93 minutes. English Language/Color. Produced by Capture Films.

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