Monster LakeLittle Devil Books is ten years in the making, and has renewed its vision to publish modern excellence in the genres of mystery, suspense, scary stories/horror, fantasy and science fiction for children and teens.

Note to authors of adult novels/articles/content: Are you a published author of adult content who’s trying to break into the children’s market?

If so, be open to a pen name for your published works for young readers, and also possibly creating an Official Website for Young Readers when marketing your work.

Sumission Guidelines


  • We are looking for quality, completed, unpublished in any format (self-published or otherwise) chapter books/children’s novels manuscripts, for children ages 8 & up, tweens, teens and young adults, in these genres: Mystery, Suspense, Horror/Scary Stories, Fantasy, and Science Fiction.
  • Specific age groups: 8-12, 10 & up, and young adult (YA.)
  • NOTE: Ages 8-12 includes children in second grade, so fear & any romance factors (if you choose to include romance) in all genres need to be age appropriate to age 8/second grade as well. Maturity & emotional levels range across the board in this age group, so don’t worry, there is audience that runs the gamut in the 8–12 category, even if you tone down the fear factor for the eight year olds.
  • Word length: 30, 000 – 60,000 words for 8-12 and 10 & Up. (60k+ if story is very engaging.)
  • Up to 100,000 words for YA.
  • Quality grammar, punctuation and spelling are key, inc. proper conventions for paragraphs and punctuation in relation to dialogue.
  • Chapters: concise chapter endings that lead the young reader into wanting more, i.e. the ‘page turner’ effect. Avoid lengthy chapters with the 8-12 age group in particular.
  • We are a paying entity, though we do not offer advances.
  • We reserve the right to categorize your book in the age group we think best.

For the complete guidelines, check out the website: Little Devil Books

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