Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels. Yes, you heard that right. They are a new kind of vicious, bloody, and psychotic vampire created by horror author Lia Scott Price, and they are characters from her vampire trilogy novel, The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion.

In 2012, Price is starting her own webcomic series based on this trilogy novel. Artist Andrew Setter, a student working towards his degree in illustration, has been commissioned as the new comic book series’ artist.

As Price’s first official comic book series, her Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels will become full-fledged comic book characters in 24-page fully-illustrated comic books . The series will be released online, with each story following the transformation of the characters from helpful Guardian Angel to evil Vampire.

The new 2012 comic book series will be an ongoing project with sequels to follow.

For more info on Lia Scott Price and the webcomic series, visit Lia Scott Price.

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