Subterranean Press is reporting that the trade edition of Norman Partridge’s new gathering of tales of the strange and uncanny, Lesser Demons, is in stock and shipping. (The limiteds will be shipping shortly, as soon as the bonus chapbook is in hand, likely next week.)

In Lesser Demons, Partridge explores the kind of fiction that made him both a horror fan and a writer. Using the shotgun prose of a crime novel, the title story draws a deadly bead on H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. “The Iron Dead” introduces Chaney, a monster-hunting pulp hero with a mechanical hand built in hell. “Carrion” cuts a mean swath through Robert E. Howard territory, while “The Big Man” explores dark shadows of American life never imagined in the atom-age horror movies of the fifties.

You can currently read the short story “Durston”, which is one uncompromising, twisted piece of storytelling online. “This is the story that Norm and I agreed would have led off the collection if we’d had the guts,” says publisher William Schafer, “but as you’ll read, it’s not the most inviting of tales, and we didn’t want to scare away readers and reviewers before they’d settled comfortably into the book.”

Limited: 250 signed numbered copies, with bonus short story chapbook: $40

You can read “Durston,” discover more about what’s included in the collection, and order here: Lesser Demons

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