SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that LAST RITES OF THE DEAD is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Horror fans may remember this cult classic horror comedy film under the name ZA or Zombies Anonymous. This version is a brand new Directors Cut, and has a ton of cool footage that was cut out from the original DVD release. And the Blu-ray and DVD are loaded with extras.

Written and directed by Marc Fratto, produced by Frank Garfi and Marc Fratto, and starring Gina Ramsden, Joshua Nelson, Christa McNamee, Kevin T. Collins, Gaetano Iacono, Constantine Josiah Taylor, Mary Jo Verruto, J. Scott Green, Kelly Ray, Amy Margaret, James E. Smith, Shannon Moore, and Jocasta Bryan with special guests Suzi Lorraine and Sally Pressman.

SYNOPSIS: Angela has been shot point blank by her boyfriend and lives in a world where the living and dead co-exist. Zombie Anonymous meetings, look alive face creams and all-meat diners help them cope in this bizarre society. Last Rites of the Dead takes you on a weird ride where life meets death, or does it?

LAST RITES OF THE DEAD is now available in the USA and Canada on Blu-ray, DVD and Amazon Prime Movies.

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