Subterranean Press has unveiled the dust jacket for Joe R. Lansdale’s upcoming novella, Hyenas, which contains not only the title novella but a standalone Hap Collins short story, “The Boy Who Became Invisible.” The artist is Glen Orbik, the man responsible for many of Hard Case Crime’s most memorable covers.

Description: Hyenas marks the always-welcome return of Joe R. Lansdale’s most indelible fictional creations: Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Once again, the embattled but resilient duo find themselves enmeshed in a web of danger, duplicity, and escalating mayhem. The result is a tightly compressed novella that is at once harrowing, hilarious, and utterly impossible to put down.

The story begins with a barroom brawl that is both brutal and oddly comic. The ensuing drama encompasses abduction, betrayal, robbery, and murder, ending with a lethal confrontation in an East Texas pasture. Along the way, readers are treated to moments of raucous, casually profane humor and to scenes of vivid, crisply described violence, all related in that unmistakable Lansdale voice. An essential addition to an already imposing body of work, Hyenas shows readers both the author and his signature characters at their inimitable best.

You can read an excerpt from Chapter One here (please be warned, there is explicit language) Hyenas Excerpt. You can pre-order on that same page. Hyenas is expected out in 2011.

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