Kransen HouseKransen House
Sara Brooke

Kindle Edition
144 Pages
Review by M.L. Roos

Sara Brooke has written a nice Gothic horror story that has twinges of Ira Levin’s The Stepford Wives with a twist of Bentley Little, but on a much darker, sordid level.

Ana and Ben are young, in love, newly married and have a newborn. They decide that maybe it is time to live with the wealthy in-laws, be responsible and get their family off to good start. But things are a bit strange in the old Gothic mansion. The women are robotic and the men are theocratic, there are secrets in the woods and in the town that are much more twisted than anyone realizes.

Ana is caught in the middle of a secret so old and so evil and she is all alone. Ben, once a carefree and unassuming young man has now taken on the responsibility of his family name and the legacy of being a Kransen after the death of his mother. Can Ana fight a doctrine older than time?

Well written and entertaining. Good novel for those rainy nights.

About M.L. Roos

M.L. Roos lives in Winnipeg, Canada. She started writing horror at a very early age and has stuck with that genre ever since. She tried romance once, but it ended badly with the young couple trying to kiss and getting ensnared in the axes imbedded in their heads. Took an entire day to free them, then there was the mess. She is an avid reader, reviews horror for several sites, and is the creator of the annual The Solstice List: Best Horror Not to be Missed. She has been published in Death to the Brother's Grimm, Dead Harvest, Zippered Flesh and several of the Spinetingler magazines.

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