Killer’s Diary by Brian Pinkerton is the first title to be released by new limited edition publisher, King’s Way Press.

Description: Ellen is a lonely woman with a troubled past. Years after escaping to a new city and a new life, Ellen finds an abandoned diary and begins reading it. The author’s voice seems to speak to Ellen from the pages. She easily identifies with this tortured kindred spirit as she slowly reads a little more of the diary each day. She shares in the author’s pain and trials.

One day Ellen unexpectedly meets the author of the journal and romance begins to blossom. Just as Ellen starts to fall hard for Charles, the journal takes a very dark and sinister turn! Could the once passionate voice in the first part of the journal actually belong to the same person who is so cold and cruel? Could Ellen be dating a serial killer? As the body count in the local area rises, so does Ellen’s fear and confusion. Does she hold a Killer’s Diary and does the killer hold her heart?

Since King’s Way Press is the new kid on the block and still unestablished, they’re working with Cemetery Dance Publications to distribute their first title. Only 150 copies will be printed of this deluxe signed, limited edition that sells for $75.

To learn more or to order, visit: Killer’s Diary

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