Kathryn Ptacek’s horror novel, In Silence Sealed – the story of what really happened to Keats, Shelley, and Byron – will be reprinted as an eBook from Necon eBooks. An interview with her will appear in late February at The Little Miss Zombie blog. February has been declared the Women in Horror Recognition Month. Finally, Ptacek has started her own blog. You can access it here: Cats And Bats And Drats

Necon eBooks will also publish two books by the late Charles Grant: The Complete Short Fiction of Charles L Grant and The Hour of the Oxrun Dead. In November, Centipede Press released hardcover limited edition reprints of two of Grant’s novels in the Oxrun Station series. Melanie Tem penned the new introduction for The Sound of Midnight; art is by David Verba. The book also contains an essay, “Oxrun Station,” by Grant and reprints “Now There Comes a Darker Day” from Nightmare Seasons. The Hour of the Oxrun Dead contains an introduction by John Pelan, artwork by David Verba and Frank Fiedler; the volume also contains a reprint of an interview of Charlie by David Pettus, as well as a story, “Thou Need Not Fear My Kisses, Love,” that first appeared in Nightmare Seasons. Also, Shocklines.com is conducting a continuing auction of hardcover books from Grant’s own personal library.

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