The good folks at JournalStone Publishing have another great deal for you for their weekly $.99 sale.  This week it’s Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s Nightmare Ballad.  You won’t want to miss this!

Just go to or the Barnes and Noble website to get your copy.

nightmare balladOne day, while instructing a swim class, Luke Rhodes hears a strange ballad in his head that twists reality. After a series of terrifying events, he escapes through a black curtain and leaves a living nightmare behind.

The ballad hasn’t left him though. Pieces remain. And when the song surfaces… the nightmare returns. Joined by Luke’s two wives and his miscreant friend Johnny Cruz, they resolve to discover the source of these “Lifemares,” and, more importantly, how to escape them.

But time is against them. Innocent people are dying and these freakish disturbances are devastating the world they know.

Will Luke and his family find the singer of the Ballad before it’s too late? Or will horrifying nightmares roam the world… forever?



“In a field where the twin juggernauts of vampires and zombies have rolled roughshod over the literary ground, leaving barren earth in their wake, Benjamin Kane Ethridge’s Nightmare Ballad blooms like a resilient flower amidst the desolation. My optimism over horror’s artistic viability is due primarily to works like this. Nightmare Ballad is edgy, original and unclassifiable, and Ethridge is a fresh voice whose bracingly modern take on surrealism may very well point the way to the genre’s future.” – Bentley Little

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