This week’s sale is one you won’t want to miss.  Here are the offerings from JournalStone Publishing this week:

The Traiteur’s Ring:

After a troubling childhood Ben Morvant finds a home as a medic in Viper Team, of The US Navy SEALs. He was raised in the Louisiana Bayou by his grandmother – a spiritual healer – and despite his attempts to put his past behind him he continues to be haunted by nightmares. The circumstances of her death creep into his life, challenging his very hold on reality.

While Viper Team is hunting terrorists in Africa, they encounter a strange and primitive village, only to see its inhabitants massacred shortly thereafter. Ben stumbles upon the village elder as he mystically heals a small girl from a mortal head wound.  The elder’s last act, as death grips his physical body, is slipping a bone colored ring onto Ben’s finger.  The ring holds the potential to unearth powers Ben is unsure he possesses or even believes to be true.

Ben forms an instant bond with the surviving child as she helps bridge a new connection to Christy, the woman awaiting him at home and the only living person he feels a stronger connection to than his military brothers.  Together, he and Christy travel to Ben’s past where he attempts to unlock secrets that can possibly reconnect him with reality and open the door to saving their future.

As the ring begins to release the powers within him, Ben battles not only the creatures that haunt him during the night, but his own self-doubt about who he is and what he has the potential to become.  His team, the very men he relies upon, struggle to understand as their friend sinks deeper into himself, attempting to find the answers that could save them all.

Ben finally must embrace the truth about who he is, what he was raised to become, and the evil he must confront, and so Ben and Viper Team travel back to the source of destruction.  There, in a place rampant with hatred and a lust for power, he again confronts the demons threatening his newfound little girl and the spiritual family he and his team struggle to protect.  Will Ben come to terms with his destiny in time or will everyone he knows be lost to an evil force threatening his entire world?


The Donors:

An evil force is at work at the Hospital where Nathan is recovering from injuries he received at the hands of his Mom’s abusive ex-boyfriend. Demonic looking men with pale faces and glowing eyes lurk in the shadows.  Someone is harvesting skin and organs from living donors against their will.

In his dreams, Nathan can see these demons in their true form — evil creatures who feed on the fear and hatred they create in their victims. Nathan’s only ally is the Doctor who cares for him. Bound together by their common legacy, they alone seem to share the ability to see the demons for what they truly are.

Together they must find a way to stop these creatures before they, and their loved ones, become the next victims.

Fade to Black:

Jack is a young man caught between two terrifying worlds. In one, he is Marine Sergeant Casey Stillmam, locked in combat in the streets of Fallujah, Iraq.  He is lying next to his dead and dying friends, bleeding in the street – until he wakes up at home, in bed with his wife.

In this other world, Jack is a high school science teacher, husband, and devoted father to his little girl. But the nightmares of war continue to haunt him, and to Jack/Casey they feel in many ways more real than his life at home with his family.

When news of killed Marines in Fallujah surface, Jack realizes he knows far more about these men then he should. But, when the dead Marines begin visiting him while he is awake—he realizes he is in serious trouble.

Faced with the possibility of losing his mind, or far worse, the nightmares being real, Jack knows he must somehow find a way to bridge the two realities and fight his way back from the nightmares to save his wife and little girl.

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