JournalStone Publishing has announced their partnership with Cycatrix Press on a new publishing venture, [Nam3less] Magazine, a biannual (twice yearly), perfect-bound, 6”x9” magazine. It will be printed in limited quantities in the Spring and Fall of each year. Along with each print issue there will also be a simultaneous (or nearly so) electronic edition.

The material in [Nam3less] Magazine is wide-ranging. Each issue will vary as to the theme, but all issues will provide fascinating commentary on topical subjects, politics, science, criticism, philosophy, and reviews of current media.

The intended goal of [Nam3less] Magazine is to meld divergent perspectives on a variety of subjects – fiction, music, art, film, social commentary – and simultaneously present them in combination with the best content we can muster from the genres of horror, science fiction, magical realism, slipstream, and dark fantasy.

The magazine was conceived from the outset as a thought-provoking biannual print periodical, as well as a year-round online destination for the intellectually adventurous.

“We strive to achieve this via the alchemy of innovative discourse, high production values, and rigorous editorial standards,” says JournalStone President Christopher C. Payne.

Though the focus will always be on the macabre, weird, uncanny, and esoteric, [Nam3less] Magazine will also be a bastion for underappreciated ideas, unexplored possibilities, uncommon perspectives. That stated [Nam3less] Magazine is open to any and all concepts, reflections, and points of view concerning the Cosmos, our place in it, and insights into the human condition.

It is a state of mind as much as anything, and as such is accepting of anyone that is curious, thought-provoking, and rational.

“We at JournalStone Publishing couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Cycatrix Press on this new adventure,” adds Payne, “and are looking forward to the launch of the first, of what we hope to be many, issue of [Nam3less] Magazine.”

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