Janet Fox and Marcelo “Buddy” Martinez died on October 21, 2009 and November 30, 2009, respectively. On Jeff Vandermeer’s blog, Dan Read has written a wonderful tribute about these two people who have such an important place in the history of the horror genre, especially at it applies to the small press and the small horror community that rose up around them because of their contributions and caring.

“Their pairing in a single tribute may seem odd,” says Read, “as I have no idea whether they knew each other personally. For my part, it is a coincidence of the close proximity of their passing, the fact that I encountered their respective work in the same scene at around the same time, and the fact that I first learned of Buddy Martinez’s passing in this blog post by Brian Keene, which relates the news of both Janet and Buddy’s death in the same post — and which inspired my own joint tribute. I hope no one minds.”

If you have any interest in the genre and some of the people you may never have heard of but who contributed greatly, this is a must read. Please give it the few minutes it deserves: A Tribute

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