has released two audio books based on author Gregory Lamberson’s hardboiled horror series, The Jake Helman Files: Personal Demons and Desperate Souls. Both audio books are narrated by Christopher Hurt, who narrated audio versions of The Fountainhead and Fahrenheit 451.

The Jake Helman Files tells the story of ex-cop turned occult detective Helman, who finds himself embroiled in the supernatural at every turn. In the first book, Personal Demons, Helman tangles with a serial killer who steals the souls of his victims, a reclusive billionaire, and the Biblical Cain and Abel. In Desperate Souls, his foe is a voodoo priestess who uses a drug called Black Magic to create an army of zombies in New York City.

“I love crime drama and noir as much as I do horror,” says Lamberson, director of the cult horror film Slime City and its new sequel, Slime City Massacre. “And I love combining these genres. Jake Helman is as informed by The Maltese Falcon and the TV series Wiseguy as he is by the creations of Clive Barker and Stephen King. Action is the unifying thread, but the action Jake finds himself in tends to be a lot bloodier than that faced by other hardboiled heroes. Surprise is the real key.”

The author has already completed two more novels in the series for Medallion: Cosmic Forces, which will be published this October, and Tortured Spirits, due in 2012. “I told Adam Mock, the president of Medallion Media Group, that I want to do at least 10 of these Jake Helman books. In truth, I’d like to write a lot more than that, as I’m a real fan of pulp novels and continuing characters. But I plan to write at least six, which will complete the story I set out to write. Jake suffers a lot more than most other heroes who battle the supernatural. I love subjecting him to physical and emotional torture, and as long as he can take what I dish out, we’ll keep going.”

The Personal Demons Audio Book

Desperate Souls Audio Book

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