Welcome to the Indiana Horror Anthology 2011. Meet some of our best Indiana horror writers: the reason for James Ward Kirk to create this tome.

Indiana is a mystical and magical landscape. God lives in the trees.

But beware, evil also resides there, in fallen beings; perhaps in the beginning these beings appeared as angels assigned as safe keepers and guides for human beings, but choosing instead to sleep with their charges and so devolved. Name them Nephilin. And these fallen human beings are creators of carrion, predators grossly fat leaving leftovers for rats and worms and other eaters of dirt and excrement. This landscape of evil, this place of living dead flesh draws ever nearer those that devour carrion; vultures—human and other, existing in the shadows of trees and houses, struggling mightily against the good: this is true.

Folks living in the southwestern part of the United States might experience horror at the thought of becoming lost in a fifty-acre cornfield. Folks in Indiana know the horror of such an experience: twelve-foot spider webs built by twelve-inch black spiders with a red dot on the abdomen; corn goblins with six-inch butcher-shop sharp black bone protruding from rectangular foreheads; a baby’s whimper in the wind. We stay in our tractors.

Indiana horror writer AJ French knows about dead girls glowing and floating in lake Wawasee.

Indiana horror writer Eric Garrison knows the danger inherent in Grandmother’s mirror.

Indiana horror poet Sara J. Larson prefers life as a lycanthrope to humanity.

The Indianapolis 500, Indianapolis Colts, and Indiana Pacers: blah blah blah. What people really need to know about Indiana is how darkness falling on farmhouses and suburbs allow for trolls growling in the gutters and maple trees. Did you know Indiana is the homeland of Jim Jones and Michael Jackson?

How is caviar best served? Indiana horror writer Allen Griffin knows.

How dangerous are Indiana carnivals? Indiana horror writer James S. Dorr knows.

Do not f*** with Indiana’s Cupid. Indiana horror writer James Owens knows.

One cannot throw a rock in Indiana without hitting a serial killer. Demons lurk in shoe stores. Lilith hangs out in our taverns. An Indiana horror writer might be standing next to you.

Welcome to the Indiana Horror Anthology 2011.

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