Famous Monsters of Filmland has announced it’s first annual film competition and showcase: The Imagi-Movies Festival. The company announced the festival will be held at the Plaza Cinemas 14 in Oxnard, California on April 1-3, 2011.

“The Imagi-Movies Festival will celebrate Forrest J Ackerman’s legacy and his devotion to inspiring and evoking the imagination of storytellers,” announced Publisher Philip Kim. “The weekend will be filled with independent works that have been submitted to Famous Monsters alongside a great lineup of special features honoring the filmmakers and actors we have all come to love.”

Along with the independent shorts and features from our submission finalists, the Imagi-Movies Festival will be the first stop in a series of Vincent Price Centennial celebrations in 2011. The celebration will include screenings of Vincent Price’s films, a presentation by his daughter Victoria Price, and special tributes from guests.

Also featured at the festival is a Famous Monsters and The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival compilation of Lovecraft films in honor of one of horror’s iconic writers. Another highlight will be Stephen King Dollar Babies. Throughout the weekend we will showcase independent films based on the author’s short stories. Writers and directors from Stephen King’s feature films will also be present. Upcoming horror films such as Universal’s The Thing will be showing exclusive previews.

Filmmakers can still submit their short films, feature films or screenplays for the competition via Withoutabox and at Imagimovies.com by February 28th, 2011. Event tickets are now available for sale and sponsorship opportunities are now open. “We’re honored to be holding the first Imagi-Movies Festival in the new year,” added Kim. “The film premieres still to be announced and celebrity guests we have planned are sure to be a hit for the fans!”

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