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I grew up with comics, but not the standard Marvel/DC fare. My favorite art and stories were created by Moebius, Jodorowsky, Serpieri, Bilal, and other artists. These were more than your monthly superhero serials – these were strange, disturbing, and fantastic worlds created and crafted by some of the best artists with mind-bending and surreal stories.

I’ve tried to work with writers over the years to create graphic novels with the same feel, but other work and obligations always stall the projects. With the new age of crowd-funding I’m hoping to breathe life into some of these unfinished and unstarted projects. My friend Jeffrey Thomas has been writing incredible fiction for years. His world of Punktown has spawned numerous short stories that are prime for adapting into a series of beautifully illustrated stories. The Reflections of Ghosts is one of my favorite stories, and the first I started adapting to graphic novel form.

We would like to finish the story, and do more. When the stories are completed they will be compiled into a graphic novel published by SST publications. Our goal is to create a  book with a minimum of 50 pages. To get these pages finished there’s only one goal – reach a per-page-rate of $200. This will be enough for me to prioritize the graphic novel over other projects that will come my way.

Why Patreon? Because unlike other crowd-funding sites there is no deadline or rush to get this funded. There’s plenty of time to build interest in the project and show people what we’re doing. Patrons get an inside view of the pages as they’re created, and we can take the time to really make an awesome book.

I’d like to also let people choose which stories they would like to see in the book. By pledging for the story you want you can essentially vote for what I will adapt. I’d like to think of this as a new and exciting way of creating comics – an interactive production process where you the reader get to have some input over what we make.

To learn more and join the campaign, visit the Patreon fundraiser page.

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