Rainstorm Press has just released the anthology, I’ll Never Go Away, in paperback.

Description: NOWHERE IS SAFE! Eyes watch you from all directions. They want you, they lust for you, they crave you, they … need you. Rainstorm Press presents I’ll Never Go Away tales of stalkers and those they pursue. Stalkers come in all forms from traditional voyeurs, to demons and spirits stalking humanity, to the voices in our head that make us believe something is there when there’s nothing. I’ll Never Go Away is the perfect read for those of us who believe real horror comes from humanity itself.

Stories include:

  • “Watching Her Through Stone Cold Eyes” by MK Barrett
  • “A Step in the Shadows” by Wayne C. Rogers
  • “Night Run” by Allen Jacoby
  • “His Type of Girl” by Kate Spofford
  • “Liquefier” by Tommy B. Smith
  • And more.

You can pick up a copy through Amazon here: I’ll Never Go Away

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