Comprised of 9 episodes, iKILL is an urban noir web series that follows the story of Clyde Harris, an escaped inmate who makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for his freedom. But, is he really free? … Or is he now in a new kind of prison … his mind. After briefly trying to adapt to a normal life, his past catches up with him and he’s thrown back into the world he so greatly wishes to forget.

iKILL is written and directed by Andre Welsh, produced by Mitch Costanza and Nate Golon, and stars Chioke Jelani Clanton.

MALICIOUS Productions reports that iKILL the series is slated to start production in October 2012 and finish in November 2012. The series will have 9 episodes with roughly 80 minutes of content. The episodes following the pilot will be released starting in winter 2012/2013.

The pilot has premiered. Titled Episode Zero: Answers Are Prison, it’s available for viewing online for free here: iKill Pilot

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