Horror Writers AssociationThis Halloween, horror fans will know exactly where to go to connect with their favorite horror writers and discover new ones. The Horror Writers Association is gearing up to present the Second Annual Halloween Haunts blog event. In celebration of Halloween and horror writing, the HWA will post at least one new blog entry by a horror writer every day from October 1 to October 31 — and many posts will feature giveaways, such as books and e-books.

HWA members will be blogging about their favorite parts of Halloween, their treasured (or terrifying!) Halloween experiences, what life is like as a horror writer, or even their experience as a member of the HWA. Winners of the HWA’s 2012 Bram Stoker Awards® will be featured in spotlight interviews. No one knows Halloween better than horror writers and there’s no better time of year than October to dig into some horror writing!

Halloween Haunts is designed to help connect horror writers with readers, share some Halloween fun (and a few good chills), and showcase the benefits of HWA membership.

Halloween Haunts will take place on the Dark Whispers blog, the official blog of the HWA. Giveaways and prizes will be announced daily, and all giveaways are provided by individual members of the HWA.

Last year’s Halloween Haunts event is archived online.

Founded in 1985, the Horror Writers Association (www.horror.org) exists to promote and protect the careers of professional horror writers, to mentor those seeking to enter their ranks, and to raise the profile of the horror genre in the publishing industry and among readers. The HWA gives the iconic Bram Stoker Awards® for Superior Achievement, named in honor of Bram Stoker, author of the seminal horror work, Dracula, and organizes The Bram Stoker Awards Weekend, a conference for horror writers, which occurs every two years, with the next scheduled for New Orleans in June 2013.

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