The start of November will have Humdrumming releasing two titles: a novel and a play script.

The novel is called Ouroboros, and is written by Michael Kelly and Carol Weeks. It’s a good, old fashioned ghost story about neighbouring retirees and their spouses. It’s also about that change that happens to someone who’s lost their partner, no matter the gender, age, or anything else. Priced at £12.99 / €20.99 / $29.99, it’s printed on quality book-wove paper and is bound in a jacket-less hardback binding. For more on the book and to look at the cover artwork (done by Simon Strantzas), visit: Ouroboros.

The play is Hyde, in The Shadows, by Michael Carleton. It’s adapted from Jekyll and Hyde, and told in a way to provide Mr. Hyde’s version of things. We all need to have our self-interest and arrogance — our ‘id’ if you want to use the Freudian term — to exist in some fashion in order to be human. Logic and rational thinking is all well and good, but the feeling of our self is integral to a full life, and that’s what Hyde is the personification of. Jekyll needs Hyde to balance him, and no one’s ever given Hyde the chance to explain that. Printed on the same high-quality book-wove paper and made in a small-sized paperback — perfect for rehearsal hall use — it retails for £6.99 / €9.99 / $13.99. More information hasn’t been posted yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

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