They Came Home

by K.Z. Morano

Salty grit stung our eyes.

The sea no longer wished to keep our secrets.

The water hissed and spat angrily, vomiting dead bodies… leftovers of a feast by flesh-eating fishes.

They were living offerings… bribes for the gods to prevent tidal waves from swallowing our homes.

But what used to be a stagnant sea of spirits was silent no more…

A cadre of corpses… a tsunami of souls…

The children came home to drown us all in one exquisite embrace.

Decay entered our mouths as we fought for breath… as we swam and sank into an ocean of putrefying flesh.



K.Z. Morano writes anything from romance to horror and dark fantasy. Her stories have appeared in various publications over the past few months. Her first horror story collection, “100 Nightmares” will be released this April.

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