The Second-Worst Day

by Peter DiChellis

For twenty harrowing years they guarded the wretched secret of his nature. The second-worst day of their lives was the day they finally killed him, this abomination they called their son. The worst was the day he burrowed from his crude grave and took revenge. He found them hiding in a barren church, huddled together, sobbing and praying. Before he slaughtered them, he spat five words at their faces: Death feels cold and lonely.

BIO: Peter DiChellis writes short mystery-suspense fiction. His sinister tales appear in a handful of publications, including Shotgun Honey, Over My Dead Body!, YELLOW MAMA, and the anthologies The Shamus Sampler (Volumes I and II) and Plan B Volume III. For more, visit his site Murder and Fries at

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