We have our first Horror in a Hundred submission by Ray Wallace.  I hope you enjoy it.  Even more, I hope that the idea of seeing your story on our website will be enough to have you send one in.  Without further adieu, here’s our first submission.  If you like it and want to find out more about Ray Wallace, just visit his website at http://raywallacefiction.com/


On a warm spring afternoon, the Man Who Had It All answered the door to find the Devil standing there.

“Time to pay up,” said the Archfiend, reaching into the man’s chest and taking what was owed.

Afterward, the man walked into the kitchen where he grabbed a knife from the drawer next to the sink. He then went out to the swimming pool and butchered his family. After setting fire to the house, he wandered down the street, screaming and waving the bloody knife in the air until somebody shot him dead.


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