The Collector

by K.Z. Morano


The pregnant woman viewed the dolls on the shelf.

Boys and girls resplendent in their different ethnic costumes… each masterfully crafted piece her treasure and her torment.

They sat in the dimness, haunting her with their glassy stare and the malevolent twinkling of their button eyes.

Sometimes, the bedroom seemed to fill with their phantasmal screams.

Once, she knew each and every one of them… understood the flutter of their tiny hearts better than her own pulse.

Not too long ago, they were housed inside her womb.

A few months later, a new doll joined her siblings on the shelf.


K.Z. Morano writes anything from horror to SF, F, and romance. Her first published work is ”The Baobab” in Popcorn Horror Presents published by Popcorn Horror in August 2013. Her recent works include “The Other Child” in Ugly Babies: the Anthology by JWK Fiction in October 2013 (reprinted in Blood Reign Literary Magazine December 2013), “Wooden Lips” in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty Tales of Terror Vol II, and “The Old Man’s Tree” in Blood Reign Lit Mag issue #1. Several of her stories will also be appearing in various forthcoming anthologies.

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