Softly With His Words

by Ben McElroy

Surely, Professor Kaufman couldn’t have finally bested his longtime rival Sleepy Sloan from the Economics Department.  Kaufman glared at the pale and silent students who filled the lecture hall.  Other than inducing several simultaneous comas that once, Sloan had never achieved anything of this magnitude.

Kaufman growled and shook his fist at the slack-faced students.  Nobody even blinked.  Perhaps this was no mere prank.

A young woman in the uppermost row toppled forward, jostling those below her from their seats.  The fallen coalesced into an unmoving heap.

With a smug smirk, Kaufman said, “I’d like to see Sloan top this.”


Ben McElroy is the full-time coordinator of transfer admissions at Worcester State University and a part-time fiction writer.  Though his day job does encourage entertaining story ideas at times, his creative inspiration stems from far more bizarre and eclectic sources than that (such as his family’s nocturnal journeys through their respective subconscious minds).  Ben’s almost one dozen published stories can be found in various print and online venues.  If you’re patient enough, you should have an opportunity to read more of his written works in the near future.  He welcomes any comments or questions regarding his creative output at [email protected]

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