Our second submission for Horror in a Hundred is in!  Thanks to Sheldon Woodbury for letting us bring this to you.  If you like it, please head on over to his website at http://sheldonwoodbury.blogspot.com/ and give him some support.

So with no further delay, here it is:


by Sheldon Woodbury

            The executioner soared up in his ghostly ship, leaving the flames and destruction billowing below. The fiery memory always stayed with him, like a lover lusting for another hot kiss. But when he stared out into the cosmic blackness ahead, there were no more twinkling lights or twirling orbs left, just an endless graveyard of ash and smoke. The executioner knew a life without purpose wasn’t really a life, so he decided the time had finally come for him to join all the others and sleep the long sleep.

     That’s when the last light in the universe suddenly sputtered out.

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