Leap to Conclusion

by Angel Zapata

The terrified onlookers had their attention focused on the tenement building roof. Ron tapped the nearest man on the shoulder and asked him what was going on. The silent stranger spun around, glanced left and right, and returned his haunted eyes to the sky. Ron shrugged his shoulders and directed his gaze to the woman standing six stories above the city. In horror, he watched the woman jump and fall right through his own transparent form. The woman’s pale soul rose out of her own broken body in time to watch the next person leap from the crowded ledge.

Angel Zapata writes fiction and poetry. The first thirty years of his life were spent in NYC, but he has since relocated to Augusta, Georgia. He is the author of the poetry chapbook, “An Offering of Ink and Feathers.” He’s also the recipient of the 2012 Mariner Award for Bewildering Stories’ most outstanding flash fiction work of the year, “Carrion Folk,” and a winner of the MicroHorror 2012 Story Contest for his horrific tale, “The Blood Worms.

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