Carried on the Cold

by Jonathan Winn


We sat, the Sister and I, espresso in hand, the Paris sun setting outside.

I’d talked. Of monsters. Men. Faith and fear.

Now there was silence.

Soon the ghosts would come.

They’d hover close. Creep from corners. Arrive, carried on the cold, the warmth of remembered life enticing and sweet.

Did she know?

Yes, she said silently. There is evil. Living, here and now.

I nodded.

A small smile from my wordless friend. And will your end come, my immortal, timeless Martuk?

My eyes closed. “Yes, someday …”

I looked to her.

She’d gone, the ghosts claiming her once again.


Screenwriter, playwright, actor, and author of Martuk … the Holy and The Martuk Series, Jonathan Winn was born in Seattle, WA. He currently lives in the US.

Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche is his second full-length novel and can be found at


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