It’s not horror, but it is the continuation of story we published earlier.  I hope you enjoy it!

A Bad Day

By Wayne C. Rogers

Las Vegas P. I. Johnny Felix was having a rotten day.

First, Spilotro’s boys threw him out his office window, but fortunately he landed on a passing nun.

Later, as he limped down Fremont Street to get something to eat, a man ran out of the Horseshoe Casino with a revolver and a bag of money in his hands.  The guy knocked Felix to the sidewalk, causing him to bang his head hard against a parking meter.  Security nabbed the robber, but they didn’t even bother to offer Felix a free hotdog and beer for his trouble.

Some days sucked.

Wayne C. Rogers is the author of “The House” which can be read in the new anthology, When Red Snow Melts.  His short story, “A Step in the Shadows” (about the most infamous serial killer in American history), is still available in the anthology, “I’ll Never Walk Away,”  A short screenplay that’s based on it has also been written.  For those who enjoy erotic/horror, his “Countess” trilogy is available on Amazon’s Kindle and his “House of Pain” can be found within the pages of Peep Show: Volume 2.

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