HellzapaloozaPremiering during the Longview Literary Festival, October 12 and 13 at Kansas City’s Metropolitan Community College, HELLZAPALOOZA is the blood, sweat, and tears product of Mark L. Groves and six other local authors. It’s a rule-breaking full-length book that shares the stage with a horror anthology playing out during the story’s 24-hour rock and roll festival.

HELLZAPALOOZA chronicles the off-kilter exploits of Rayjay Jahraznik, a crazed St. Louis concert promoter and three-ring king of rock ‘n’ roll, who’s building an outdoor concert venue in the unincorporated town of Isabella, Missouri. He’s certain his first event there, a 24-hour rock and roll festival called “Hillzapalooza,” will be a raging success.

Oh, he’s right about the rage part. From age-old abominations to hippie-fueled horror to the Trickster himself, the local landscape is a mystical minefield. One wrong Birkenstock-shod step and the natural charm explodes with unnatural harm.

Can Edna Mosely, Ozark crone and leader of a rag-tag group of pseudo-mystics, stop the evil before it starts a holocaust? Will the determined Reverend Bull pull off a Revelations revolution? Or does Hillzapalooza succeed in unleashing hell on earth? The stage is set, the audience is screaming, raise your hands and raise some hell, literally, in HELLZAPALOOZA. The Best Damned Rock Show Ever!

THis is a unique effort in that it’s a full-length novel which weaves around and through a seven story anthology.

The novel is written by Mark L. Groves, with anthology stories written by Laura Hardenbrook, Joe Baric, John Erik Petersen, Maddie McFadden, Andrew Rambo, Lisa Shepard, and Mark L. Groves.

CHeck it out here: HELLZAPALOOZA

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