Crossroad Press has released the first digital edition of Kathryn Ptacek’s Gila! Originally published under her pen name Les Simons, Gila! is a tale of grisly horror with man being the hunted and Mother Nature being the hunter.

Description: Harkening back to the days of giant creature movies of the 1950s, a horde of giant Gila Monsters is on the loose in New Mexico, threatening every living creature in sight. Nothing and no one is safe from the ravenous creatures as they tear their way through the desert and into heavily populated areas. Can these atomically mutated creatures be stopped or is this the beginning of the end for mankind? It’s up to Chato del-Klinne and Dr. Kate Dwyer to kick the hiss out of the oversized lizards!

The digital edition is available for only $2.99.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Gila!

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