Eric Brown

Create Space Paperback 11.99
Kindle edition Infinity Plus $ 3.55
March 2012
Review by Mario Guslandi

A renowned SF author, Eric Brown has occasionally tried his hand also at horror and supernatural fiction. His work in that area has been now collected in a single volume, assembling eight short stories.

Irrespective of genre limitations Brown is a terrific storyteller as the present collection effectively proves.

“The Man Who Never Read Novels” is a delightful piece about the peculiar, tragic events occurring every time a certain individual finishes reading a novel, while “Beauregard” is a rather enigmatic tale, hinting at unspeakable secrets which remain partially undisclosed even at the end of the narrative.

“Taipusan” is an enjoyable piece of pulp fiction with a truly exotic taste taking place in a dark Indian setting.

“The Disciples of Apollo” vividly portrays the last days of a man suffering from a mysterious illness while “The House,” an excellent story told in a steady narrative style and featuring great characterization, revolves around the dangers connected to the staging of a haunted play and “Li Ketsuwan” is a splendid, powerful tale of witchcraft and love.

My favorite story is, perhaps, “The Memory of Joy,” a perceptive tale about the blessing and the curse of memory, featuring a couple of parents grieving for the loss of a daughter where the wife jeopardizes the marriage by seeking relief from her pain in a very unusual fashion.

All in all an excellent collection of entertaining and well written dark fiction.

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