In case you missed the PS Publishing release of Ramsey Campbell’s Ghosts Know late last year, we thought we’d let you know that the book is still available.

Description: Before I can retreat a youth runs up the steps behind me. I haven’t time to think — I feel as if my clenched fists are swinging me around to punch him in the face. His lips split and squash wetly against my fist, and his chin bruises a knuckle. I would hit him again, but he flounders down a couple of steps until Si thumps his shoulders with an arm to steady him. They’re blocking my retreat, and Si lifts his knife as if I’ve given him another reason to use it. Jay’s helper has run to prevent me from jumping down onto the towpath, even if I could without breaking a leg. My only chance is to take Jay on. As I start along the walkway he jerks up his knife…

How did I get here? I’m Graham Wilde, the presenter of Wilde Card on Waves Radio. A few weeks ago I interviewed a psychic who was helping the police search for a missing girl. He seemed to know more about me than he should, but I knew more about him than he expected, and perhaps that’s where all my troubles began. He kept after me, first of all on my show and then at a funeral, and he wasn’t the only one there who did. What else could I do except find out who was responsible for what people seemed to think I’d done? But I didn’t realize how much danger I was putting myself in until it was too late…

Since Needing Ghosts Ramsey Campbell has been developing his own brand of comedy of paranoia. Is it humor so dark that it shades into horror, or horror that grins like a skull? You can find it in The Count of Eleven and Secret Stories and The Grin of the Dark, and now Ghosts Know joins his macabre circus.

Check it out on PS Publishing: Ghosts Know

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