Gauntlet Press reports: “A manufacturer of beautiful wooden slipcases has contacted us and it’s possible that we will be working with him on current titles as well as some of our backstock items. For the moment he has made a slipcase for He Is Legend. You can view one stained in maple on the He Is Legend webpage of our website. These are hand-crafted, solid wood slipcases stained in maple or pecan (darker than the maple).

“We are limiting the number of wooden slipcases to 20 to increase their collectibility.

“For those new to collecting there has been a running debate (actually for years) regarding what makes a ‘new’ edition of a book. Some consider our numbered and slipcased edition of He Is Legend as no different from one another as regards being an ‘edition’ of the book. Others feel each is a separate edition. So, some will view these 20 copies as an additional version of the book. With a limit of 20 slipcases it does enhance the value of the book.

“Solid wood slipcases aren’t inexpensive, however. We’re charging $125 for these 20 (and we will NOT have a second printing). If we get more than 20 orders we will have a lottery (as much as we hate the system, it is in all fairness to those customers who may not receive the newsletter as quickly as other customers).

“After you place you order ignore the first notice which is from our server (it does NOT confirm your order). A notice will be sent by publisher Barry Hoffman, to all who ordered, letting you know your order has been received. We will wait until Sunday, March 29th. If we have more than 20 orders we will conduct the lottery and contact all of those who won they will be getting one of the slipcases. We will also charge your card at that time (so your confirmation will indicate you will be getting the slipcase and your card has been charged). If there is more than 20 orders we will send an email to those not getting a slipcase letting them know (and your card won’t be charged). We will charge cards when we accept your order (as confirmed). We expect it will take 6-8 weeks to make the slipcases as they are hand-made.

“If there is enough of a demand we have plans for future wooden slipcases. For instance, those who own the already collectible copies of Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, The October Country, Masks And Somewhere A Band Is Playing. And, we are thinking of a slipcase that will hold all three volumes of F. Paul Wilson’s YA Repairman Jack series (once we have the final book in the series). If there are other books you would like a wooden slipcase for, please let us know by emailing us at Gauntlet Press. If we request just one or two slipcases for a book, the cost may be higher but we will let you know the cost of any wooden slipcases before taking any orders.”

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