Gauntlet has announced that they’ll be getting back to laying out Matheson Uncollected, Volume Two. All versions of the book will include a newly-found previously unpublished short story “An Element Never Forgets.” And, only the lettered edition will include an alternate version of House of the Dead – in facsimile form with Matheson’s handwritten corrections.

“Because of the problems Mr. Matheson has signing tipsheets,” says publisher Barry Hoffman, “we are considering cutting back on the signed copies we make available. If we do so we’ll be boosting the price of the signed edition with an unsigned selling for what the signed now sells for ($50). As always, those who already have purchased the book will NOT pay anything extra. And, anyone ordering in the next two weeks will also pay the current $50 website price. After that time it very possible we’ll raise the price to $75.”

You can learn more here: Matheson Uncollected Two

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