Horror author Gabrielle Faust has unveiled her latest work, a horror novella entitled Regret from Dark Regions Press. The new work of this prolific new voice in horror has already garnered rave reviews and the respect of critics and peers alike.

Gabrielle Faust, referred to in genre circles as the new “Queen of Cyber Goth” and recently dubbed “New Orleans Vampire Royalty” deviates from her renowned presence in the vampire genre to dip her pen in the inkwell of demons and demonology with a twisted philosophical examination of human emotions and their ties to the antiquated mortal notion of “sin”.

“I am absolutely thrilled about this new project. It is very different from anything I have ever written before and, some might say, a bit controversial in certain aspects so I am eager to see just how my readership embraces it,” remarked Faust about her new literary endeavor. “I have been fascinated with the philosophical aspect of the definition of concepts such as salvation and damnation for as long as I can remember. Regret was the perfect opportunity for me to explore such themes while crafting a tale that is far more disturbing, in my opinion, than anything I have attempted before.”

Description: Humanity is renowned for placing the blame for their most unspeakable actions in the palms of their “demons”. It would seem that for every crime, every indecency there is a minion of the Underworld assigned to it. The lucky ones balance precariously on the edge of damnation, always managing at the last minute to halt their impending doom. The unlucky ones succumb entirely or, in Marcus Glenfield’s case, find themselves following a much darker path than they ever could have imagined. After a strangely brutal twist of fate, Marcus becomes his own inner demon, that of the Demon of Regret. As he begins his new life as a tempter and collector of mortal souls, his path of damnation unfortunately crosses with that of Sonnellion, the Demon of Hatred, Cresil, the Demon of Slovenliness, Vetis, the Tempter of the Holy and finally Belial himself, the Prince of Wickedness. Through each of his interactions, Marcus gleans valuable insight into the purpose of his fellow demons within the greater hierarchy of existence, assisting his personal mission to collect the one soul that continues to preoccupy his every thought. However, will the wisdom of Hell’s ancient minions be enough to save him from a deadly encounter with Belial or does Hell have another plan for Marcus altogether?

Here’s the book trailer:

You can pre-order the book directly from Dark Regions here: Regret

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