Futile Flame, the second volume in Sam Stone’s Vampire Gene trilogy of novels is now available for bookstore order. Published by the UK small press, The House of Murky Depths, the novel follows the life of Lucrezia Borgia as she struggles with love, incest, betrayal and vampirism in sixteenth Century Italy.

Description: The quest for the origin of the Vampire Gene continues …

Gabriele searches out Lucrezia, who reveals to him the horrors of her teenage years in the house of the Borgias in the sixteenth century, and the possessive obession of her brother Caesare who cannot accept that his love for her is unrequited. Her transformation as a vampire gives her freedom to escape for a short time, but leads to the terrifying world of the Allucians; throwing her back into the arms of her now much stronger and powerful brother, two centuries later.

Gabriele discovers that Lucrezia is just as much a victim of her past as he is.

Author and poet Sam Stone’s first novel, Gabriele Caccini – The Vampire Gene Book 1 (as Paigan Stone), was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Like all good authors she drew on her own knowledge and passions to write it. The novel won ForeWord Magazine’s silver award for Best Horror Novel 2007. In September 2008 Gabriele Caccini was re-edited and republished by The House of Murky Depths as Killing Kiss. Stone has recently sold a couple of short stories and is working on a film treatment for Killing Kiss as well as a new urban fantasy series for young adults.

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