For all you writers out there, and anyone who truly loves the genre, Editor Kathryn Ptacek has graciously offered Hellnotes readers a free issue of The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets, a newsletter for writers and artists, simply by e-mailing her at [email protected] and mentioning Hellnotes.

The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets is: fiction and nonfiction markets; magazines; book publishers; poetry and literary markets; online publishers; trade journals; paying markets; contests, competitions, and conventions; special theme sections (women’s publications, sports & outdoors, regional, science & technology, etc.), new markets and updates on old ones; anthologies; new addresses; industry and publisher/editor news; dead markets; plus articles on the craft of writing and promotion; and much more!

Ptacek has edited the market newsletter since 1988, first as a print publication and now as an e-mail newsletter that reaches subscribers – first-time writers and long-time professionals, editors, artists, and agents – around the world. For more information, visit: The Gila Queen.

This offer expires November 1, 2009, so don’t let it slip by without giving The Gila Queen a try.

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