Cemetery Dance Publications has announced the publication of Four Rode Out, a brand new special edition by Tim Curran, Brian Keene, Tim Lebbon, and Steve Vernon. This signed Limited Edition features cover and interior artwork by Glenn Chadbourne, plus an insightful introduction by Ronald Kelly.

Description: Welcome to the West — as wild as you never imagined.

Four of the toughest and most terrifying authors of horror and hooraw have banded together to create a quartet of wicked weird west novellas.

Brian Keene’s “An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley” is a nasty look at a pack of cutthroat outlaws who find they’ve placed their boots into a bear trap of their own devising.

Tim Lebbon’s “Another Hope” is the tale of a town besieged in a valley of unholy and ageless shadow.

Tim Curran’s “Skull-Eater Campaign” will take traders on the trail of a fearsome cannibal band — right to the end of the trail and a little bit further.

Steve Vernon’s “Rueful Regret” will let you know just how far one man will go to avenge a wrong done to him by another.

Greed and guilt, creatures and fiends, spurs and skulls, cold blooded gunplay and hot blooded horror. The west is weirder than you’ve ever dreamed…

You can order directly from Cemetery Dance here: Four Rode Out

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