In case you missed it, Four In The Morning, a four-novella collboration between Tim Marquitz, Ed Erdelac, Malon Edwards and Lincoln Crisler, has been released.

Description: A young girl coming of age in an alternate, steampunk Chicago learns the truth about herself while avenging her lost friends. A bitter, teenage murderer finds acceptance and power in the arms of a dark African god’s gangster disciples. A middle-aged woman in a frigid marriage discovers her experimental age-defying treatment may be something more than skin deep. A worn, aged, small-town patriarch uncovers a web of sinister transactions revolving around his local funeral home.

Four in the Morning offers adventurous steampunk, sinister urban fantasy, dark science fiction and bone-chilling horror in three novelettes and one novella from four exciting genre voices.

Available in print and digital formats.

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Four In The Morning

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