Horror author and entertainment personality Gabrielle Faust has partnered with the legendary horror entertainment personality and fragrance sorceress, Kitty Korvette, to develop a unique new perfume. On March 2, 2012 they announced the launch of the new fragrance entitled FAUST by Kitty Korvette Presents Purr-fume, a sexy and sultry scent blending notes of sexy Egyptian musk, decadent dark chocolate and spicy gingerbread. The fragrance is intended for both men and women.

“I pride myself on being unique and the perfume an individual wears says quite a bit about how they define themselves and how they want the world to perceive them. I wanted to create a fragrance that was bold and daring, yet deliciously sexy, a fragrance that suggests power and sensuality while still feeling ethereal in some respects. The perfume equivalent of cool silk sheets on a warm New Orleans night,” stated Gabrielle Faust in regards to the product launch.

When asked about teaming up with Kitty Korvette, Gabrielle replied, “I could think of no other person that would make for a better partner in this endeavor than Kitty Korvette. She is a master at the craft of scent blending. In addition, we have the same gothic aesthetic sensibilities and a great passion for all things horror. She understands the world I live in because she is a key fixture of it.”

Kitty Korvette has become an icon within the horror entertainment industry blending her ferociously creative sense of the macabre with her talents as a performer in such groups as “Dolls From the Crypt,” “Midwest Monster,” and “Dead in the West.” Her stunning visage has graced countless pages and magazine covers, modeling for various photographers and fashion designers, as well as being a spokesmodel and spooks-model for music gear companies. In addition she has appeared in dozens of commercials, films, and television programs including becoming a finalist in the The Search For the Next Elvira FOX reality TV show.

Regarding her newest Purr-fume conjuration, FAUST, Miss Korvette said, “I listened to Gabrielle tell me about her favorite fragrance notes, and it became clear to me which direction we should take the blend of her signature scent. We have incorporated her love of sweet and decadent with one of my most sought-after Egyptian musk blends. FAUST is a cocktail of aphrodisiacs, purr-fect for men and women, vampires and mere mortals!”

FAUST by Kitty Korvette Presents Purr-fumes will initially be sold via the official Kitty Korvette website and Gabrielle Faust’s website. The 1/3oz size vial will retail for $20 (plus shipping & handling). Gabrielle Faust and Kitty Korvette will also have the fragrance for sale at the various events they will both be participating in throughout the year.

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