Famous Monsters of Filmland Issue 250 is now available for pre-order.

Description: Over 50 years and 249 issues (give or take!) in the making! Famous Monsters of Filmland presents, for your entertainment, the sometimes inspiring and sometimes shocking, at turns awe-inducing and yet occasionally quite absurd, remarkable yet for the most part obscure, not-entirely-true history of perhaps the greatest (or at least one of the most ubiquitous) cameo and walk-on performers of all time: Forrest J Ackerman!

This special celebratory issue of FM is devoted to the discussion of dozens of cinematic classics (and not-so-classics) from several decades of filmmaking — all seemingly unconnected, yet linked forever in fandom’s minds and hearts by the presence (however unnoticed) of the unforgettable Ackermonster. Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Queen of Blood, Kentucky Fried Movie, the 1976 production of King Kong, Equinox, Return of the Living Dead Part 2, and many more!

To pre-order: Famous Monsters of Filmland 250

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